Le Corbusier Furniture Collage

Le Corbusier Furniture – Comprehensive Guide (LC1 – LC19)

Le Corbusier Furniture – Comprehensive Guide (LC1 – LC19) Thonet and Le Corbusier Prior to 1928 Le Corbusier had been furnishing the buildings he designed with furniture from Austrian furniture manufacturer Thonet. Actually you’ve probably encountered the iconic 209 Bentwood Armchair (designed by Gebruder Thonet in 1900) at some point in your life. Le Corbusier …

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Bitossi Ceramiche Turns 100

Bitossi Ceramiche Turns 100

Bitossi has collaborated with SEVERAL ceramists and designers over the 20th century, but for time’s sake I will list my favorite standouts. Some of the notables in my book include George Nelson, Ettore Sotsass, Alvino Bagni (early in his career before opening his own studio), Piero Fornasetti, Matteo Thun, and Karim Rashid.

Karl Blossfeldt – Why His Flower Photography Matters

Karl Blossfeldt is considered one of the major figures (willing or unwilling) of the modernist post World War I movement, Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). Coined by German art historian, critic, and curator Friedrich Hartlaub, Neue Sachlichkeit was a reaction against expressionism. Primarily a German movement, it faded by 1933 with the fall of the Weimar Republic, and the rise of the Nazi party. 

Artists who also made jewelry

7 Of My Fave Artists Who Also Made Jewelry

If one were to look into the history of jewelry making, one might argue that jewelry makers were some of the original artists. From the earliest pieces found in ancient Egypt, through the Elizabethan era and beyond, jewelry has essentially served as sculpture worn on the body. So it is no surprise that visual artists of the 20th century dabbled in jewelry making.

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