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Pierre Jeanneret Daybeds, Lamps, And Screens From Chandigarh

Pierre Jeanneret was a Swiss architect and furniture designer who worked closely with Le Corbusier, and together they created some truly iconic pieces of furniture. One of those pieces is the daybed, which has become a favorite among interior designers and design junkies alike.

The daybeds were originally  made from stained teak wood and have a simple, yet elegant design. They feature a slatted canvas base which provides ventilation and support, and can be topped with a variety of cushions and pillows for a comfortable seating or lounging experience. They are single beds, so there isn’t much room for actual sleeping (unless its a quick nap). You will also notice a simple “caned bed”, which has taken on a new identity as a low coffee table. But let’s be honest – using a cane base for a bed for sleeping isn’t really practical or long lasting. 

I love the simplicity of these pieces. They have a classic, modernist look that is timeless. And since they were designed by Jeanneret, they are considered true works of art. The original models are truly difficult to find, and most have had to have their canvas slats replaced. Look below to see how much you can expect to pay for an original Jeanneret daybed. 

I have assembled all the daybeds that I could find (and I searched high and low!). Enjoy!

jeanneret caned bed with headrest

Pierre Jeanneret Collapsible Single Bed (With Cane Headrest)

Designed for residential buildings and Panjab University student halls in Chandigarh. 

Made of: teak, cane, and canvas.

Year: 1955-1956

jeanneret collapsible daybed

Pierre Jeanneret Collapsible Single Bed

Designed for residential buildings and Panjab University student halls in Chandigarh. 

Made of: teak, canvas.

Year: 1955-1956

jeanneret daybed with compass legs

Pierre Jeanneret Daybed With Compass Legs

Designed for administrative buildings. 

Made of: teak, upholstery.

Year: 1957-1958

jeanneret caned bed - coffee table

Pierre Jeanneret Caned Bed

Designed for residential buildings. 

Made of: teak, cane.

Year: 1960

Pierre Jeanneret/Le Corbusier Floor Lamps

There were only two lamps that I could find that were designed for the Chandigarh project, but both are must sees! 

One of my fave lamps is one of the few Changarh pieces created by Le Corbusier. Originally designed for the assembly buildings, this lamp has an industrial look that is both utilitarian and elegant (truly Cobusier-esque). It features an iron base/column and a simple painted shade made from aluminum, which can be adjusted to direct the light in varied directions.

The second is the teak floor lamp which was designed for the residential buildings and the M.L.A. Hostels. These lamps also utilize shades of painted aluminum, however there is one shade facing upwards and the other faces downwards. See the images below.

le corbusier diabolo floor lamp

Le Corbusier Parliament Floor Lamp

Designed for assembly buildings by Le Corbusier. 

Made of: painted aluminum, iron.

Year: 1963-1964

jeanneret floor lamp

Pierre Jeanneret Floor Lamp (With 2 Lights)

Designed for assembly buildings. 

Made of: painted aluminum, teak.

Year: 1955-1956

Pierre Jeanneret 3 Panel Screen

This is a one off type of furnishing that was designed for the Chandigarh project. Intended for use in the Administrative Buildings to provide privacy, they were manufactured from teak and cotton. The fabric panels in the center were able to allow breezes to flow through on hot Indian days. These are super rare and extremely hard to find.

jeanneret 3 panel screen

Pierre Jeanneret 3 Panel Screen

Designed for administrative buildings. 

Made of: teak, cotton.

Year: 1955-1956

How Much Do These Jeanneret Daybeds, Lamps, & Screens cost?

Well, since these are some of the rarer pieces in all of the Chandigarh collection of furnishings, they can be rather pricey. I found the single daybed HERE for $23,000. The daybed with the cane headrest seems to be priced at around $32,000 and can be found HERE. I truly was unable to find replicas or reproductions. Alas,  I think the market for single beds is something of the past.

The lamps are a different story. Nemo lighting makes replicas of the iconic Parliament Lamp that sell for $1,600. You can find it HERE. Want an original Parliament Floor Lamp? Be prepared to fork over $15,000 – $20,000 and be prepared to bid on it at auction. One would be hard pressed to find one for sale outright. 

The teak floor lamp by Jeanneret doesn’t seem to have been reproduced. You will have to shell out close to $30,000 for an original. I found one HERE for a cool $33,000. 
The 3 panel screen (my lowkey fave) is another super rare, hard to find object. I did, however, find one HERE for $22,000. That’s some pricey privacy!

But Wait. There’s More…

Well. You’ve made it this far, but there is more. Loads more. In addition to these amazing pieces, Jeanneret produced desks (click HERE), tables, stools (click HERE to check them out), chairs, and benches (click HERE to check them out) just to name a few. I love this stuff. Such an ambitious project and rich legacy!

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