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Artists who also made jewelry

When Art Meets Craft: 7 Of My Fave Artists Who Also Made Jewelry

If one were to look into the history of jewelry making, one might argue that jewelry makers were some of the original artists. From the earliest pieces…

Bitossi Ceramiche Turns 100

Bitossi Ceramiche Turns 100 Years Old

You may be wondering, “What or who the hell is Bitossi and why do I care that they are turning 100?” Well, if you don’t already know about Bitossi, you should. Their highly sought …

Karl-Blossfeldt - Seed Capsule

Karl Blossfeldt – Why His Flower Photography Matters

Back in the day, I used to supplement my income by being a “finder.” If a client wanted something related to art/furniture, I could find it.  I knew my fair share about art history/design and

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