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Inspiring Examples: Interiors That Showcase Pierre Jeanneret Furniture

Pierre Jeanneret’s exquisite furniture designs have made him an iconic figure in the world of interior design. His creations effortlessly blend functionality, elegance, and timeless beauty, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Today, Jeanneret’s ageless pieces continue to resonate with elegance and simplicity. In this article, we will showcase how you can bring a touch of Pierre Jeanneret style into your own home, from classic chairs to contemporary shelving units. Elevate your space with these modernist creations and honor the legacy of an influential innovator.


Pierre Jeanneret - Furniture Designer

Born in Switzerland in 1888, Pierre Jeanneret studied architecture at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Geneva before joining his cousin Charles Edouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier) in 1922  to begin their own architectural practice in Paris. However, Jeanneret and Le Corbusier soon shifted their focus to furniture design, and along with Charlotte Perriand created some of the most iconic furniture of the 20th century. To see a comprehensive list of the pieces, click HERE

Jeanneret’s pared-down aesthetic, characterized by clean lines and muted colors, has made his pieces iconic in the world of interior design. Many of his works, particularly those created for public buildings, are now sought-after collectors’ items that fetch high prices at auctions.

But Pierre Jeanneret’s legacy is not just in his exquisite furniture designs. He was also a passionate advocate for social justice and believed that furniture should be accessible to all. Through his tireless efforts, affordable designs became mainstream. Don’t think the irony is lost on me that original Jeanneret pieces now fetch tens of thousands of dollars. Check out some vintage Jeanneret pieces by watching the video below. 

Pierre Jeanneret's Influence In Interior Decor

For those who embrace contemporary interior design, Jeanneret’s furniture offers the perfect balance of clean lines and functionality. His iconic chairs, tables, and cabinets feature sleek designs that exude a sense of modernity. The use of quality materials, such as teak or cane, further enhances their appeal. Whether placed in a spacious loft or a compact apartment, Jeanneret’s pieces bring a sense of refined simplicity to a host of different settings.

On the other hand, if your taste leans towards rustic or organic interior styles, Jeanneret’s furniture can beautifully complement the natural elements of such designs. The warm hues of wood and the earthy textures of Jeanneret’s pieces create a harmonious connection with the surrounding environment. A solid wood dining table paired with Jeanneret’s sturdy, practical chairs can become the focal point of a rustic farmhouse kitchen, while a wooden desk adorned with his signature writing chair can infuse a home office with an inviting ambiance.

For those who prefer an eclectic mix of design styles, Jeanneret’s furniture offers endless possibilities for creative expression. His versatile creations can effortlessly blend with vintage pieces, mid-century modern accents, or even bold contemporary artwork. A Jeanneret bookshelf can beautifully display a curated collection of books and decorative objects, while his lounge chairs can provide a comfortable and stylish seating option in an eclectic living room. The juxtaposition of Jeanneret’s designs with other statement pieces creates an intriguing visual narrative that captures attention and sparks conversation.

Check out some of the best examples I could find that implement the brilliant design of Pierre Jeanneret and marvel at the ingenuity with which it is infused into various settings in multiple styles. 

Incorporating Pierre Jeanneret Furniture in Modern Interiors

Pierre Jeanneret Modern Interior
Check out the creative way that the Capitol Complex chair is used in this small space
Pierre Jeanneret Modern Interior
These Jeanneret easy chairs blend easily in this interior (and I'm loving the Mantis style sconce lighting)

Mid-Century Modern Interiors with Pierre Jeanneret Furniture

Pierre Jeanneret Midcentury interior
This bright and airy interior features the Kangaroo chair and the iconic Capitol Complex chair
Pierre Jeanneret Midcentury modern interior
This room features a stunning upholstered Jeanneret armchair with spectacular piping. Love this!

Minimalist Interiors with Pierre Jeanneret Furniture

Pierre Jeanneret Minimalist interior
This minimalist look is accentuated by armed and armless Jeanneret Chairs surrounding a gorgeous Boomerang table
Pierre Jeanneret Minimalist interior
This minimalist space is wonderfully accentuated with the Jeanneret Capitol Complex chair

Eclectic Interiors with Pierre Jeanneret Furniture

Pierre Jeanneret eclectic interior
This eclectic interior uses Jeanneret furniture and teams it up with a white Colombo chair and an Eames rocker
Pierre Jeanneret eclectic interior
These gorgeous Jeanneret Comittee chairs pair perfectly with the eclectic Roly Poly chair (on the right)
Pierre Jeanneret eclectic interior
I love how this Capitol complex chair is flanked by that fascinating sculpture and PILES of books
Pierre Jeanneret eclectic interior
I love how this room incorporates the velvet cushioned Jeanneret chairs with these wonderful objets d'art
Pierre Jeanneret Eclectic Interior
This is chock full of design heavies - the Borne Beton lamp by Le Corbusier and the Jeanneret Comittee chair flanked by the Jeanneret pigeon hole desk. Just amazing pieces here
Pierre Jeanneret eclectic interior
The art & Jeanneret chair combo is FIRE
Pierre Jeanneret eclectic interior
I love everything about this room! From the lamp in the corner to the art, to the Jeanneret Kangaroo chairs, to the wonderful use of pink - this screams ECLECTIC

Industrial Interiors with Pierre Jeanneret Furniture

Pierre Jeanneret Industrial Interior
Even though I would be guaranteed to hit my shin on this coffee table, I love this little scenario

Scandinavian Interiors with Pierre Jeanneret Furniture

Pierre Jeanneret Scandinavian Interior
This interior sports four Jeanneret pieces and just peep that Calder sculpture in the window
Pierre Jeanneret Scandinavian Interior
This interior drips Scandi style and the Jeanneret chair pairs perfectly with the Togo chair (on the left)
Pierre Jeanneret Scandinavian Interior
This home utilizes Jeanneret chairs in 2 different rooms, allowing for extra seating
Pierre Jeanneret Scandinavian Interior
These Jeanneret armless easy chairs make this Scandinavian interior complete

Traditional Interiors with Pierre Jeanneret Furniture

Pierre Jeanneret traditional interior
This traditional interior decor utilizes both the Jeanneret library chair and the 6 pigeon hole bookcase
Pierre Jeanneret traditional interior
This Jeanneret stool is a welcoming addition to this light filled hallway
Pierre Jeanneret traditional interior
The mixing of chairs really makes this room. And check out that record collection!
Pierre Jeanneret traditional interior
Wow! Look at this ORIGINAL Jeanneret stool and that stealthy Committee chair just outside the closet door. (I must say that i love this shoe collection, too! )
Pierre Jeanneret nodern interior

Contemporary Interiors with Pierre Jeanneret Furniture

Pierre Jeanneret contemporary interior
I dig the way these Jeanerret chairs soften this otherwise stark contemporary interior
Pierre Jeanneret contemporary interior
Board room or dining room? Who cares? These Jeanneret chairs are on point

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