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Rare Pierre Jeanneret Chandigarh Tables

Who is Pierre Jeanneret ?

Pierre Jeanneret (1896 – 1967) was a Swiss born architect, designer, and artist who most notably collaborated with luminaries such as Le Corbusier (aka Eduoard Jeanneret, and also his cousin) and Charlotte Perriand. It was through these collabs that some of the most iconic furniture and architectural pieces of the 20th century were created. One of the most ambitious projects that Jeanneret was involved in during his career was the huge undertaking of designing a new city, Chandigarh, in Panjab (in the newly independent India) with Le Corbusier. Read more about it HERE.

Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

Pierre Jeanneret Tables From Chandigarh

 In this project, Le Corbusier was responsible for the most of the layout of the city and Jeanneret handled the finer details of the metropolis, designing several of the municipal and residential buildings. Along with structures, Jeanneret went on to design furnishings such as chairs, tables, bookcases, stools, and desks for the inhabitants of these new buildings. I have assembled a comprehensive list of the desks he designed (often with others) for the Chandigarh project. Enjoy! 

Jeanneret - Perriand round side table

Pierre Jeanneret Round Side Table

Designed for Legislative Assembly, Chandigarh.

*Designed with Charlotte Perriand

Made of: teak.

Year: 1952

Jeanneret triangular side table - PROTOTYPE

Pierre Jeanneret Triangular Side Table (Prototype)

Designed for Residential Buildings, Chandigarh.

Made of: teak.

Year: 1953

Jeanneret Judge Lunch Table

Pierre Jeanneret Judge Lunch Table

Designed for High Court, Chandigarh.

Made of: teak.

Year: 1954

jeanneret library table

Pierre Jeanneret Library Table

Designed for Assembly and library – Panjab University.

Made of: teak. 

Year: 1955-1956

Jeanneret Writing Square Table - Zinc top

Pierre Jeanneret Square Table (B)

Designed for Panjab University – cafeteria and administrative buildings.

Made of: teak, zinc.

Year: 1959

Jeanneret Square table

Pierre Jeanneret Square Table (A)

Designed for Panjab University – cafeteria and administrative buildings.

Made of: teak.

Year: 1959

Jeanneret Collapsible work table

Pierre Jeanneret Collapsible Work Table

Designed for College of Architecture.

Made of: teak,cedar. 

Year: 1960

_Jeanneret Glass Top Coffee Table

Glass Top Coffee Table With Compass Legs

Designed for university, administrative, and private residences.

Made of: teak, glass. 

Year: 1960

Triangular Side Table - Jeanneret

Triangular Side Table

Designed for Assembly or residential buildings. 

Made of: teak.

Year: 1961

jeanneret conference table

Conference Table

Designed for Central State Library, College of 

Art, and College of Architecture

Made of: teak. 

Year: 1960-1961

Jeanneret Boomerang Table

Boomerang Table

Designed for Committee Conference

*Designed with Le Corbusier

Made of: teak. 

Year: 1963-1964

What Material Are Jeanneret Tables Made Of?

Pierre Jeanneret was a devout pragmatist and utilitarian. He had to make thousands of pieces of this furniture and had to use the materials that were local and easily accessible. Teak (Burma teak, to be specific) and sissoo (also known as N. Indian rosewood) were readily available and made up a lionshare of the “bones” of furniture from the Chandigarh project. The teak wood was ideal, since it was resistant to humidity and bugs.  Cane was used in many of the chairs and iron was used as support in many of the stools. Leather and  fabric upholstery was also used for some of the original Chandigarh pieces. The only table where metal was used is the Square Table (*see above) which has a zinc top.

How Much Do Pierre Jeanneret Chandigarh Tables Cost?

Although originally designed for libraries and official administrative use, Jeanneret tables from Chandigarh have found a second use – mainly as dining tables. In fact, you will often see the tables listed as “dining tables.” The tables haven’t seen as high a rate of reproduction as the chairs and other pieces, but I was able to find one on Etsy from a seller who seems to specialize in Jeanneret reproductions. They sell a version of the Library Table (my personal favorite) HERE for $1800 and a version of the Committee Table for $2000 (see HERE). France & Son, a prolific reproducer of Jeanneret furniture, has a glass topped version of the Committee Table for $2600(check it out HERE). I actually prefer this version as it would be easier to replace a damaged top. In terms of original collector-grade tables, you can expect to pay $12,000 for a Triangular Side Table (see HERE) to as much as a whopping $105,000 for an authentic Library Table. Just imagine all the fancy dinners you can have sitting at that thing. Check it out HERE.

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